Processing of dried fruits

Sliced, cubed, or in whole pieces, from apple slices and dates to prunes – everything optimally dried in our systems.

Dried products are indispensable for good and healthy enjoyment and perfected with Schröter systems, as flawless drying requires flawless expertise.

Our systems




The THERMICjet® is the right choice for cooking and smoking, heating, and drying. We manufacture our hot hot-smoke smoking and cooking systems as well as cooking kettles individually for you:

whether Whether for one trolley or fifty, transit (flow-through) or standard design, for standard trolleys or rail systems. This ensure the system is optimally integrated into your production flow.




We design Schröter baking systems in various versions, including rotary baking systems, multi-air cross-flow systems, or as combination hot-air cooking systems. 

We can always offer you the perfect system combination for baking, browning, and cooking your meat products.

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