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When it comes to remote access to our systems and processes, we can offer you active support. Additional information is available in our download section.

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Meeting Point

Are you interested in our customer magazine Meeting Point? You can download the most recent issues here. Meeting Point addresses all things relevant to the industry, including exciting customer insights in our customer reports and informative topics associated with Schröter system technology. Curious? 

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  • Pasteurisation that is gentle on the product and packaging

    Meeting Point 59

  • Plant-based meat substitutes and alternative protein sources

    Meeting Point 58

  • Remote control of plant systems and processes

    Meeting Point 57

after-sales support

Remote access to our systems

We can also offer you well-founded after-sales support. Control systems reliably and remotely from any location at any time with Virtual Network Computing (VNC) and TeamViewer, which allow you to operate, monitor, and change our systems. VNC can be used to connect any control units – including desktops, smartphones, and tablets – to the company’s own network. All you need is a current Ethernet connection. Your IT department can set up VNC itself, define different security levels, and approve access rights.

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