What I find exciting is highly challenging customer projects.

Many customers have extraordinary design requirements, which call for innovations, new ideas, and creativity. Equally important are production feasibility and the durability of the finished system. If it’s the optimal fit, I say: it’s simply “Leading Quality”!

Christian Blömke, Design Engineer

“Ready to go” system design – right on target for the customer.

Our “Ready to go” design comes into play when the customer’s assembly work requires groundbreaking solutions: we complete and weld systems at our factory and deliver them as a single unit to their final location on the customer’s premises around the world, ultimately resulting in time savings of more than 50%!

Frank Mack, Head of Sales and Authorized Representative

Optimal capacity calculations are our strength.

We offer expertise in meat technology from the ground up, combined with innovative engineering and construction services, which is why we can provide logical system concepts. This is a priceless benefit for the building layout and process optimization when it comes to planning new buildings. We’re simply unbeatable in this area.

Klaus Schröter, General Manager

According to my customer, extraordinary German engineering.

We build systems with high energy efficiency, high productivity, and a long service life. They’re also extremely easy to use and maintain and boast perfect design, which really impressed my South African customer and made me quite proud.

Dietrich Schröter, General Manager

Perfect systems, as if developed just for me.

Before I approve a system for production at the customer’s premises, everything has to be just right. Anything less just won’t do. I’m a perfectionist when it comes to our systems, and the satisfaction of our customers is a top priority. My personal motto: “I like to support you.”

Günter Spreen, Customer Services Technician and Master Butcher

Schröter Technologie: 
food industry systems.

Our range includes systems for the meat and fish processing industries as well as for other food processing sectors. We assist you in the planning stage and carry out your project according to your specific needs. Our products represent key innovative solutions and are well engineered with superior quality and durability.

We manufacture customized hot-smoking and cooking systems to meet the specific needs of our customers, both as semi-continuous and continuous production lines.

This includes climatic maturing and climatic smoking systems, baking systems, pasteurization systems, drying systems, smoke generation and exhaust air purification systems for a wide variety of applications. Control systems and automatic cleaning devices round out our range of products.

Our aspiration to offer “Leading Quality” means we are committed to quality, performance, and innovation. As a leading international manufacturer, we offer systems that our customers can rely on.

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