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The sausage and ham manufacturer based in Osnabrück is completely committed to the fine craftsmanship of excellent taste. As such, owners Bert and Gabriele Mutsaers are continuing the tradition of their father Piet Mutsaers, for whom quality was the top priority of his work from the very beginning. Two things make this quality at Bedford possible: perfect mastery of the craft and a devotion to detail. Always present: Schröter Technologie equipment!

In line with Bedford’s quality concept, Bedford products are only delivered to customers that have a service counter and can ensure professional advice. The value of this consistent approach is confirmed by the company’s continuing success since 1909, when it was founded by the brothers Heinrich and Friedrich Bedford. Bedford products can now be found at the service counters of butcher shops, delis, and selected food retailers both in Germany and Europe. It should come as no surprise that a company that carefully considers each and every aspect of its operations also prioritizes sustainability. The company is committed, for example, to increasing its own energy efficiency as part of an ongoing improvement process. In fact, an energy management system was introduced on the basis of the DIN EN ISO 50001 standard. Bedford also procures 100 % of its energy from renewable sources.

No Need to
LookToo Far ...

To make its production more sustainable, in 2020, the family-managed company went in search of an air purification system for its hot-smoking systems that offers optimal heat recovery. Bedford didn’t have to look very far, ultimately selecting the CLEENjet® TNV-3000 thermal oxidizer in combination with the WRG-3000 heat recovery system from Borgholzhausen, just 45 km away. “Schröter’s solution is ideal for us, as it can be fully installed in an outdoor, weatherproof container,” says Reinhard Rolf, Head of Technology at Bedford GmbH. “Thanks to heat recovery, we can put the TNV’s waste heat to good use for heating water. The hot water is then pumped into a 5 m³ central process water storage tank.”

The Perfect Interplay
of Schröter Elements

Just a short time later, Bedford ordered five hot- and cold-smoking cooking systems THERMICjet® HR-4 with SMOKjet® RD steam smoke generators, which could be installed quickly, as the acquired air purification system was designed for the future connection of the hot- and cold-smoking cooking systems. “Schröter offers two designs for hot-smoking systems. The machine housing can be installed on or behind the process chamber. Because height is limited in the production environment, we were fortunately able to choose the second variant,” says Andre Wehmhoff, Head of Production at Bedford. “I had a special request – to install additional side showers in the process chamber for specific products – which Schröter was able to do without a problem.” Bedford CEO Ulrike Stelzner is also delighted with the hot-smoking systems from Borgholzhausen, as one of the systems is equipped with in-process energy monitoring. “Now I know exactly what a batch of sausage costs me,” says Ulrike Stelzner with delight.

Tailored Solutions for
a Special Product

In May 2021, the company invested in four systems, each for one smoking trolley. The aim is to cool Bedford’s salami to –5°C at the core – with a room temperature as low as –10°C. These unique conditions proved to be quite a challenge for Schröter project engineer Reza Boozari, as the system needs to operate reliably at very low ambient temperatures. The doors must open and close effortlessly without freezing to the frame, an issue solved by Boozari with a heated door frame. The systems were also equipped with a safety flap to compensate for negative pressure at low temperatures. Even the floor had to be updated to accommodate future forklift traffic.


Consistent, High-Quality
Product Results

In the meantime, the maturing process of high-quality salami specialties has been taken over by a Schröter climatic raw sausage system. In June 2021, the company opted for the multichannel system with four rows, which holds 32 smoking trolleys. “The best thing about this system is the fact that it’s  heated with hot water, which means we can  effectively utilize the surplus heat of the TNV thermal oxidizer by means of hot water heat recovery,” explains Helmut Lange, Deputy Workshop Manager at Bedford. The CLIMAjet® system operates with horizontal and vertical airflow (MAS), allowing delicacies to mature gently and evenly. The user can choose from a wide variety of airflow variants to ensure optimal results. It was important to the Bedford staff that the new process produces uniform, identical product results, and that’s precisely what the multiple airflow channel system (MAS) guarantees. This successful collaboration is a prime example of the tailored support our team provides, the engineers’ outstanding problem-solving expertise, and optimization of entire production processes on behalf of our customers. “We are very happy with the service and support we receive from the company Schröter,” explains Helmut Lange, Deputy Workshop Manager at Bedford. We’re already looking forward to the next project with Bedford.



In other words, Bedford can record and analyze its consumption of steam, water, compressed air, and electricity with precision.

Ulrike Stelzner, Bedford CEO

Customer Insights

Facts and Figures

The sausage and ham manufacturer based in Osnabrück follows the motto “Delicious Delicacies” and  supplies its products to the service counters of butcher shops, delis, and selected food retailers with a high-quality selection of sausages and hams.

  • COMPANY FOUNDED: By Heinrich and Friedrich Bedford in 1909

  • HEADQUARTERS: Osnabrück, Germany

  • EMPLOYEES: 325

  • UMSATZ 2020: €74 million

  • EXPORT SHARE: 14 percent

  • PRODUCT RANGE: Raw ham and sausage, boiled ham and sausage, cooked sausage, aspic, lard, and pâté as well as specialty poultry and  various snacks

  • PRODUCTION AREA: 20,000 square meters

  • OUTPUT: 6,220 metric tons of specialty sausage and ham per year

  • DISTRIBUTION: Service counters of butcher shops, delis, and selected food retailers in Germany, Benelux, Austria, and Switzerland

  • ANIMAL WELFARE: As initiator of the open-pen association “Verein zur Förderung der Offenstallhaltung von Schweinen e.V.,” our owner Bert Mutsaers has prepared the path that Bedford will now consistently tread. 

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