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The Olympic motto perfectly fits – nomen est omen – Russian meat products manufacturer Olympia. This is because the company, which produces sausages, delicatessen products, and frozen semifinished products, is performing extremely successfully against the competition. In this context, the company has relied on systems technology made by Schröter from the very beginning, that is, for almost 15 years.

Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova, a dynamic, courageous entrepreneur, founded her meat-processing company in Georgiyevsk, located in the North Caucasus region of Stavropol Krai, in 2007, and has successfully expanded it ever since. Today, the second generation is already active in the family business. In the meantime, 150 employees are responsible for the smooth production of Olympia sausages, which are offered and sold mainly throughout southern Russia. The company produces an average of 25 tons per day. 

Product Variety

To date, Olympia’s wide range of products includes more than 150 high-quality natural sausages and meat delicacies. The brand’s entire product range – which includes smoked sausages from the Italiana series, semi-smoked salami, bratwurst, ham, poultry specialties, and cured meats – is manufactured exclusively from natural, organic products and with natural ingredients.

A Successful

As construction work for the newly established company got underway, Olympia first made contact with the German equipment manufacturer at the Agroprodmash trade show in Moscow. The companies were quickly able to define the appropriate system types and sizes on the basis of the planned product range. After completing the first stage of construction, a THERMICjet® HR-3, a THERMICjet® KA-3, a CLIMAjet® KR-4, a CLIMAjet® NR-41, and a 500-liter kettle-based system were installed in 2008. “Since Olympia wanted to produce and offer both cooked sausage and traditional raw sausage products from the very beginning, the initial setup was quite extensive,” reports Klaus Schröter.

“Working with the most state-of-the-art systems available was important to us, because only by using the latest generation of energy-efficient equipment and selected raw materials can we guarantee the consistently high quality of our products,” emphasizes Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova, adding, “Schröter advised Olympia extremely well from the very beginning and always offered customized concepts and the appropriate system sizes. This is complemented by the expertise of Tatjana Sidorova, the head of Schröter’s Russian representative office in Moscow, with whom I now have a very friendly relationship. The partnership has always been fruitful, including when it comes to the support we receive from Schröter’s German meat technologists in the event of new product developments,” sums up the general manager.


In 2009, Schröter sold the aforementioned selection of systems to Olympia once again within the scope of an expansion. Since the Olympia brand has been very well received by consumers thanks to its excellent value, among other factors, and the products have become increasingly popular, the company continues to grow at a rapid pace. As a result, in addition to continuously expanding, the modern family business has also increased its labor productivity. Within the scope of expanding its production area to the company’s current size of 7,000 square meters, subsequent investments were made in 2011, 2014, and 2017 to meet the increasing demand. The most recent expansion encompassed climatic systems, namely two CLIMAjet® cold-smoking systems with a capacity of 12 and 18 wagons and a 158-square-meter CLIMAjet® post-maturing system. And because the company already has its sights firmly set on the future, Olympia is currently working with Schröter on the next expansion to its climatic systems.



We’ve been using Schröter equipment to guarantee the consistently high quality of our scalded and raw sausage products for the past 15 years.

Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova, General Manager of meat products manufacturer Olympia, reports on her many years of experience with Schröter Technologie GmbH & Co. KG.


General Manager of meat products manufacturer Olympia

MeetingPoint: How long has Olympia been working with Schröter?
Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova:
We’ve now been working together very successfully for 15 years. I first encountered Schröter at the Agroprodmash trade show in Moscow back around the time I founded the company. We then quickly worked together to select the most suitable system types and sizes to manufacture our planned product range.

MeetingPoint: Why did you select Schröter?
Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova:
Maximum reliability was and still is our top priority – that applies both to Schröter’s employees and its production systems. In addition, both companies are united by their commitment to always offer the very best quality at a fair price.

MeetingPoint: What projects have you implemented together so far, and was Schröter involved in the planning early on?
Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova:
We’ve been working with Schröter since our company was founded. When we began our first project together, the construction of our facility was just getting underway. Since then, we’ve continuously expanded the business and invested in additional THERMICjet® and CLIMAjets® during projects together in 2011, 2014, and 2017.

MeetingPoint: Are further projects planned?
Sofia Dmitrievna Novradova:
Since our goal is for Olympia to continue growing, we are currently in the process of planning an expansion of our climatic systems with Schröter.

MeetingPoint: Ms. Novradova, thank you very much for your time.

Customer Insights

Facts and Figures

The Russian family-owned company Olympia produces high-quality meat and sausage products in Georgiyevsk, located in the Caucasus region. Its delicacies are popular not only in smaller retail outlets throughout the Stavropol region, but are also supplied to large retail chains.


  • ADDITIONAL BUILDING: Newly constructed in 2015

  • HEADQUARTERS: Georgiyevsk, Stavropol Krai, Russia

  • EMPLOYEES: 150

  • PRODUCT RANGE: A total of 150 varieties of high-quality natural sausages and meat delicacies, such as smoked sausages (Italiana series), semi-smoked salami, cooked sausages, bratwurst, ham, poultry specialties, and cured meats

  • PRODUCTION AREA: 7,000 square meters

  • OUTPUT: 25 tons daily

  • DISTRIBUTION: Primarily throughout southern Russia

  • USP: The entire product range is manufactured exclusively from natural, organic products and natural ingredients

  • AWARDS: In 2016, the international jury at IFFA recognized three of the company’s products, awarding Olympia three gold medals for its “Yantarnaya,” “San Remo,” and “Il Gusto” sausages

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