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Slagter Lampe – in Denmark this name is synonymous with classic South Jutland sausage specialties and a level of quality that is hard to find today. Since this high standard is important to the company, they have been using Schröter system technology for decades.

Ernst Lampe opened a butcher’s shop in Haderslev in 1939, laying the foundation for a long success story. As a result, the family business celebrated its 80th anniversary last year. Today Steen Lampe runs the modern butcher’s shop in southern Denmark, now in its third generation. Mr. Lampe learned the butcher’s trade from his father and then expanded these skills at the State Vocational School for Food Technology in Kulmbach, Germany. Driven by his passion for his products, he does not compromise on quality. “And using the knowledge we‘ve gained over the decades, we can give our sausages a unique taste,” he adds. „We mix the spices ourselves, smoke our sausages and salamis over beechwood, and give the sausages the time they need to dry and age.” In this way, the company offers a wide variety, from salami and cold cuts to grilled sausages, ham, and tapas products. And its outstanding quality has paid off – products and new innovations from Slagter Lampe have received several international awards and distinctions.



New Production
Facility in Vojens

“We first came into contact with Lampe at the IFFA trade show in Frankfurt 25 years ago,” recalls project manager Jürgen Brocke, who has been responsible for Slagter Lampe right from the start. “This has resulted in a very close relationship.” The two companies began working together on a project in 1995, with the delivery of two CLIMAjet® climatic smoking systems. A 60 square meter post-maturing chamber, a climatic raw sausage system, and two hot-smoke/cold-smoke cooking systems were added later. About five years ago, Lampe planned to expand his company. Thanks to their close business relationship, Schröter was brought on board during the planning stage to help the company find a suitable property, for example, and to optimally position the systems for the customer. “Working with Slagter Lampe has always proven to be very friendly, warm, and goal-oriented,” reports Klaus Schröter. The project began in the spring of 2016 with the initial designs for the new smoking and climatic systems, and installation began in September 2017.



and Benefits

Since the old production facility in Haderslev was shut down with all the machines, all of the contractors had to be precisely coordinated so that the move to Vojens and the start of production there would proceed smoothly. To ensure that this was the case, Schröter’s service technicians headed to Denmark. Working with Slagter Lampe’s employees, in January 2018 they quickly brought the systems into operation with actual products and set up all of the programs. As a result, production was able to begin on schedule. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art systems from Schröter tailored specifically to the company’s product range and batch size, Slagter Lampe has seen significant improvements, increasing the efficiency of its workflow and its production processes. In addition, the company can now monitor all of its production areas at all times, since Schröter’s process control software manages, tracks, and displays all of the production processes from a central location. As a result, Slagter Lampe is perfectly equipped to continue blending the traditional butcher’s trade with state-of-the-art technology in order to introduce innovative, high-quality products in the future.



Quality and professionalism are essential values in our trade. Schröter has been offering us both for 25 years.

In this interview with MeetingPoint, Steen Lampe, CEO of E Lampe Pølsegården ApS, explains how he views his company’s long-term business relationship with Schröter.

Steen Lampe

CEO Slagter Lampe



MeetingPoint: How long have you been working with Schröter?
Steen Lampe
: Our relationship with Schröter goes back a long way. Our families always worked together closely during the development of the smoking lines and their functionality for Slagter Lampe. We are extremely satisfied with their expert advice. Schröter understands our business and we
work together closely.

MeetingPoint: Did you design your new production facility specifically for your Schröter systems?
Steen Lampe
: Yes, the new production facility was planned for the smoking systems from Schröter. Thanks to the doors at both ends of the line on the production floor, we were able to minimize space requirements and optimize the workflow. Separate entrances and exits to the smoking system are also a hygienic factor. Today contaminated and sterile areas are clearly separated.

MeetingPoint: What are the benefits of the systems from Schröter?
Steen Lampe
: The systems are reliable and the company’s highly skilled technicians provide rapid support whenever required. From a technical point of view, the boiler is now heated using steam instead of electricity, which saves time. Last but not least, we bought larger systems, which means that today we have space for 24 wagons in one smoking system.

MeetingPoint: Are further projects planned?
Steen Lampe
: Not at the moment, but our new facility offers space for future projects and the next stage of Slagter Lampe’s business.

MeetingPoint: Mr. Lampe, thank you very much for your time.

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For three generations, everything at Slagter Lampe has revolved around high-quality sausages with a unique taste. The butcher’s trade lives and breathes here, which is why the company not only offers sausage products made from original recipes, but also develops innovative products based on its many years of experience that successfully reflect the latest trends.


  • FOUNDED: In 1939 by Ernst Lampe in Haderslev, Denmark

  • CURRENT HEADQUARTERS: Vojens, Southern Jutland, Denmark

  • EMPLOYEES IN 2019: 40

  • PRODUCT RANGE: From traditional salami and typical sausage products to sausages, ham, and tapas products: e.g. chorizo, grilled sausages (such as frankfurters and bratwurst), meat and liver sausages, potato, pasta, red wine, and cognac salami, cold cuts, organic sausage from organic Danish pork and premium beef, Christmas assortment with blood sausage and cabbage sausage

  • PRODUCTION AREA: 3,900 square meters

  • EXPORTS TO: Germany and Sweden

  • INTERNATIONAL AWARDS: 2014, 2017, and 2018 SUFFA (Stuttgart), 2016 IFFA (Frankfurt), 2018 FOOD EXPO “Denmark’s Best Grilled Sausage”, overall 3 honorable mentions, 14 gold medals and 2 silver medals

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