When you hear the words pretzels, stars, hearts, or anchors, do you think of sausage? Breu GmbH has produced casingless salami in these unusual shapes with great success for many years. When it wanted to expand its production capacity, Schröter once again supplied the company from the Upper Palatinate region of Germany with innovative systems technology.

The successful manufacturer of meat and sausage products was founded in 1968 by Josef Breu and supplies both wholesalers and retail outlets. Two years after its founding, the company’s product range already included around 40 types of salami, such as Landjäger and Kaminwurzen, as well as around ten varieties of artisan ham products. Today the company’s extensive product range includes more than 100 items, ranging from salami specialties, snack products, raw ham and boiled ham products, to boiled sausage and bratwurst products. Breu GmbH also exports its products to countries in the EU. General Manager Andreas Breu is certain: “We offer our customers the highest quality and have therefore been able to continuously increase our sales and production volumes. In doing so, we are focusing on slow and solid growth.”


A Long-Term

As a result, Breu GmbH has gradually expanded its production space at its headquarters in the German town of Furth im Wald. “We started working together in 2008,” recalls Frank Mack, who has been responsible for the customer at Schröter right from the start. “They then invested in additional production equipment in 2015 and 2018.” The meat and sausage producer was looking for solutions for its newly developed casingless products (see the info box for more information). “Schröter’s systems guarantee completely uniform maturing and drying,” says Andreas Breu, explaining the reason he opted for systems from East Westphalia, and emphasizes: “Besides that, the systems offer excellent value for money.”


Maximum Precision

For Schröter, the project in 2018 presented a special challenge: as Breu GmbH produces casingless sausages, the small-diameter products weighing between 1.5 g and 8 g each need to be precisely dried and smoked as quickly as possible. The partners discussed the customer’s specific requirements in detail and the experts at Schröter implemented them exactly. “Our systems give Breu the ability to effectively fine-tune the different options and varieties of its products and significantly reduce processing times,” explains Mr. Mack. “When it comes to customizing the systems, our customers benefit from our 70 years of experience in building thermal processing systems. ”The systems for the current project have already been completely installed, but will only be brought into operation shortly – a natural catastrophe unfortunatelycaused a delay: in mid-June 2018, a devastating hailstorm caused massive damage in the Furth im Wald region and interrupted further implementation of the project. “Andreas Breu and his staff are always very cooperative and flexible. It has always been a pleasure to work with them,” says Mr. Mack enthusiastically, and adds: “We are confident that the company will continue to perform well and hope that Schröter will have the honor of helping with any future endeavors.”


Salami at Its Best

The butcher company Breu from the Bavarian town of Furth im Wald not only produces high-quality sausage and meat products, but also extremely innovative products. The in-house development department has devised a production process that enables the company to produce sausages in complex shapes without casing. As a result, the company’s product range includes exceptional salami snacks in the form of pretzels, hearts, or braids weighing between 1.5 g and 8 g each. A sausage cable drum, a sausage rim, and a sausage in the shape of a small star round out its selection of salami snacks. Eliminating the casings not only means the company was able to cut costs considerably, but also offers a significant advantage when it comes to hygiene: germs that are introduced into every product through the use of casings are no longer an issue at all. The company has applied for a patent for the production process in numerous countries.


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