Becoming the Leader in Poland with Traditional Cabanossi Sausage

In Poland, the name TarczyN´ski stands for high-quality, premium sausage products. Above all others, the company’s signature product is its cabanossi sausage. TarczyN´ski AG’s goal is to unite tradition and modern spirit, and continuously investing in innovative production equipment plays a key role in this regard. In this context, the Polish market leader has relied on technology from Schröter since the year 2000.

The TarczyN´ski Group, which specializes in processing pork and poultry, manufactures its products at three different locations. The company’s headquarters in Ujez´dziec Mały is one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art production facilities. In addition, the group operates two further sites in Sława and Bielsko-Biała. Since its founding in 1990, the company has continuously expanded its product range, which today includes around 500 different meat and sausage products. In addition to sliced and smoked ham, its most well-known products particularly include Polish specialties such as Krakauer and cabanossi sausage, a type of spicy raw sausage traditionally popular in eastern Europe. Expanding the cabanossi line as a snack product – including for export markets – is at the core of TarczyN´ski’s product strategy: “Ten years ago, our company discovered the category cabanossi as a market niche. Since then, these products have developed into our flagship line,” explains Jacek Tarczyn´ski, CEO and founder of the company. “Despite being rooted in tradition, the product has significant potential; this is something we realized back then.”


Production Equipment

In order to fully tap this potential, the successful manufacturer – which not only sells its products in Poland, but exports them worldwide – recently completed an extensive investment project during the past few years. In this context, TarczyN´ski has worked closely with Schröter for nearly two decades. As such, part of the project included the expansion of its main production facility in Ujez´dziec Mały, for example. By outfitting the site with hot-smoke cooking systems, climatic maturing systems, shock-cooling systems, and a baking system from Schröter, TarczyN´ski succeeded in adapting its production capacity to its increasing sales volume and thereby expanding its operations. “Thanks to this stateof- the-art production technology, we can always ensure that our products are of the highest quality and that we offer an innovative range,” explains Jacek Tarczyn´ski, and adds: “As an example, we had the early ability to produce the thinnest sausages on the market using a casing-free method using sodium alginate.” In addition to the technology, qualified staff is particularly important to the company’s founder. Employees’ dedication, knowledge, and experience represent a further success factor. “Their specialized knowledge and skills needed to produce sausage cannot be underestimated. We can only manufacture products of the highest quality when a competent team of employees monitors our production processes on a daily basis.” To easily monitor all of the company’s production systems, employees use the InTouch process control software by the equipment manufacturer from Borgholzhausen. “All of the production sites are connected to the headquarters, which means the applicable employees can monitor all production processes at all times,” explains Dorian Grabowski, project manager at Schröter.


Further Growth with
Snack Products

The company, which is committed to combining tradition and a modern spirit, is also setting a course for growth in the future. “We regularly analyze our customers’ preferences and systematically strive to introduce new flavors that meet the taste of a wide range of consumers,” says Jacek Tarczyn´ski, describing his success
strategy. This can be seen in the cabanossi line, for example, where today customers have the choice between cabanossi made from pork and poultry, with chili or cheese, or the classic version. But simply juggling different flavors is not enough to meet the needs of the demanding market. As such, the sausage manufacturer is also working on developing new formats and packaging sizes. TarczyN´ski AG currently boasts products whose packaging has a weight similar to the format of traditional sweet snacks. Investing in cross-category products is a further step. For example, cabanossi sausage in a roll opens up expansion opportunities into the market for baked goods, which are popular and widespread – and not just in Poland. “Since first working together in the year 2000, TarczyN´ski AG and Schröter have developed a trusting partnership,” says Dorian Grabowski, describing the long-term collaboration with the Polish sausage manufacturer. “We would be extremely pleased if, in the future, TarczyN´ski AG continues to rely on our production systems to optimally implement its creative product ideas as it travels down its successful path.”


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